House Elves

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House Elves are a race of fairy beings that tend to live in the dwellings of other larger sentient beings, occasionally known about by the larger beings but often not. They like living in more settled areas, even areas which have been built up into towns and cities.



Though it is not remembered by most who now live, house elves were the first race to emerge from fairy kind, giving up their wild, capricious natures to live more quiet, civilized lives in the manner of the early dwarves and humans they first encountered. Later, this race would have other new races emerge from it; gnomes, elves, boggart, brownies, goblins, and many other fairy races all came from the early house elves.


Physical Description[edit]

House elves are generally 5cm to 14cm in height. This is one of many differences between House elves and their cousins, Elves. Unlike elves, house elves do not enjoy living outdoors or in heavily wooded areas. This is a natural instinct, as they could not defend themselves well from local predators, which are numerous and deadly to beings of such a diminutive size.

Mental Description[edit]

House elves tend to be quite civilized, and usually try to emulate the general mannerisms of the larger beings they live alongside, even if the mannerisms are not quite understood by the elf.