Alien Life Forms

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Violent/Conflict-Centered Lifeforms[edit]

There are those who function best in the heat of battle, and there are species who take advantage of the carnage.


Peaceful Lifeforms[edit]

Some Lifeforms naturally embrace unity wherever possible.


Seeded Lifeforms[edit]

Some lifeforms seem to be everywhere. There may be regional differences between one galaxy or the next but it's still the same basic shape, the same basic design. They are referred to as Seeded by the Scholars of , although some answers are stranger than the name might imply.

Great Worms


Human Beings

Slave Races[edit]

While it is true that many life forms are subject to slavery either by their own people or others there are a few life forms whose unique history with servitude warrant mentioning.



Pan-Dimensional Entities[edit]

Some lifeforms are beyond description, living in the depths of space or other dimensions altogether.